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Episode Question!

Hey there! My first post here, and sorry, only a short question (I'm too lazy to search...;))

Next episode from 'Grey's Anatomy' - is that the epi where ...

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I really don't wanna miss it, but I have to decide what I want to tape, so every help is very appreciated! :)
The german title is "Code Black", if that helps...

Thanks in advance!

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Spoilers upcoming episodes.


I wanted to bring some life into this community by posting some spoilers. Btw, I'm looking for one co-maintainer. So, do you want to help me? Please comment here.

ER; episode 13x11

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Grey's Anatomy episode 3x11

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 7x10 

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CSI: Miami 5x11

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w00t, couldn't find any! Please tell me when you found some.
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